RIBA Chartered Members, are required to engage in and document a minimum of 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annually.

They must centre around RIBA’s CPD framework of ten mandatory core curriculum topics, each designed to address the skills essential for architects.

  1. Architecture for Social Purpose
  2. Health, Safety, and Wellbeing
  3. Business, Clients, and Services
  4. Legal, Regulatory, and Statutory Compliance
  5. Procurement and Contracts
  6. Sustainable Architecture
  7. Inclusive Environments
  8. Places, Planning, and Communities
  9. Building Conservation and Heritage
  10. Design, Construction, and Technology

The CPD can take on a variety of forms, from paid for structured RIBA accredited CPD courses, RIBA CPD roadshows delivered for free by suppliers to informal learning via podcasts like this! (None of the CPD actually has to be CPD or RIBA CPD accredited)

Pride Road Franchise Podcast

Join us on the Pride Road Architects podcast as we navigate the intricate landscape of RIBA’s CPD core curriculum, providing insights, expert interviews, and valuable tips for architects seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving field of architecture.

In this episode Lisa Raynes and Daniel Leon talk about their experiences in running architectural practices, focusing on challenges, retaining knowledge, and systemising businesses.

“We all need architects to know that magic number of 10.74.” – Daniel Leon

Daniel explores different structures by looking at other industries, while Lisa shares her experience of focusing on domestic residential projects and systemising her practice. Important aspects include keeping an eye on overheads, considering the impact of remote working and AI, and systemising businesses for better management and scalability.

Daniel emphasizes the importance of architects knowing conversion factors, while Lisa highlights the focus of her practice, Pride Road, on domestic residential projects. Both architects discuss the importance of having one person knowledgeable about all aspects of a project for maintaining continuity and quality.

Lisa shares her experience interviewing architects and students, emphasizing the importance of mentoring and support throughout their careers. Lisa plans to grow Pride Road through franchise opportunities and opening up their CPD events to other architects.

Daniel shares his experience setting up a gallery space in their office, fostering connections with the creative community.

About Dan Leon, Square Feet Architects

Daniel Leon set up Square Feet in 2004 to do things differently. We’re a small and experienced team with a track record in inventive, pragmatic design. We invest time in developing fun and productive relationships with clients and specialists like interior designers, craftspeople and engineers to deliver successful projects, based on real conversations.
Prior to settling up SFA, Daniel studied in Liverpool and Seattle, worked in Manchester and Sydney, and in London for Levitt Bernstein and Buschow Henley – working on project such as regeneration and housing in Dublin and Leeds, arts projects such as St Luke’s Old Street for the London Symphony Orchestra, and buildings for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
Daniel was a RIBA Councillor from 2014-17, sat on their Library Committee (responsible for outreach, the drawings collection and exhibitions), and is a RIBA Conservation Registrant. He has been part of judging committees for RIBA Stirling Prize, sits on Design Review Panel and Jewish Heritage UK’s Caseworker Panel, and a guest critic at Westminster School of Architecture.

He has published a children’s book and had paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023, chairs his local residents association and manages an under 11’s football.