A Recap of Our Pride Road Franchise Development Day

This summer, 2022, , we hosted another one of our Pride Road Franchise Development Days. But what’s all the buzz behind these company events?

We’ll recap our latest occasion, an excursion to Pride Road’s hometown of Manchester!

What is a Pride Road Franchise Development Day?

Every two months, a Pride Road Development Day is held to connect our national team members and build rapport with each other. We host them in different locations across the United Kingdom, usually around the London area, as it is easier to travel for most of us, however, as our network expands, we host them in other cities.

It always proves to be a highly anticipated event amongst our team, sharing experience and immersing in some brilliant local activities.

Where Did We Host This Latest One?

This Pride Road Development Day was held in Manchester by Pride Road CEO and Founder, Lisa. Being familiar with the area, we decided to have lunch at one of our Pride Road franchisee’s home, Magda Haener.

Inviting the other Franchisees into the heart of Pride Road, Manchester and Cheshire, was an amazing feeling, and we hope it was like a second home for them.

What Happened During the Day?

We started the day off at Magda Haener’s newly renovated home, head of Pride Road North, with some highlights of particularly interesting/challenging projects we had completed recently, assessing ways to increase our productivity and effectiveness in the workplace, different ways we could approach work, different tools  to employ to make our jobs easier, and much more.

Then we had a delicious meal, cooked by our very own architects, with some slightly burnt polish dumplings from Magda!

Shortly after the meal, our technical associate, Alan Varley, gave us a run-down on the recent changes in building regulations, and answered any questions or worries we had regarding them.

After this presentation, we then headed out to Material Source Manchester, the premier spot for architects, designers and makers, to ogle some of the many beautiful displays they had, from recycled plastic bathroom tiles, to home neon sign displays, and a wealth of other options.

Once we had finished gazing and admiring, we finally had a team building and client relations workshop with Louise Mosley, of NB Coaching, on ways we can approach clients and problems, and how to more effectively work through these issues.

All in all, it was an inspiring day, with lots of knowledge gained and lots of fun had!

Comments from Our Team

Pride Road team members returned from the event with many positive things to say.

Pride Road Founder Lisa Raynes added:

“Meeting up with the lionesses in Manchester. The displays in Material Source were amazing, I couldn’t take my eyes off them!”

It was a great day out in Manchester, and we look forward to our Pride Road Development Days every couple of months in new cities as we continue to expand across the UK.

How About Joining Us on Our Next Adventures?

Does a Pride Road Development day sound like an attractive prospect to you? We’re a franchise dedicated to giving architects incredible opportunities through opening an office under the Pride Road name.

Besides joining us on our adventures, what are the advantages of becoming a Pride Road franchise?

The Benefits of Joining the Pride Road Team

As a Pride Road team member, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Be your boss as an architect.
Be part of one of the nation’s most innovative and unique architectural franchises.
Join us in all our fun activities
Connect with all our knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful team members

You don’t have to run a practice on your own; Pride Road is always here to support you!

Contact Us to Learn More

We’re recruiting if you’re interested in joining the Pride Road team! Please email lisa@prideroad.co.uk to learn more. We kindly note that you must be a UK-registered architect to apply for a position.

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About the Author

Pride Road was set up by Lisa Raynes, an architect with over 20 years and an active member of the RIBA council.

Before starting her own practice in 2010, Lisa had worked as an architect for over a decade. In 2009, the recession was well underway and Lisa had been made redundant twice during her career – once while on maternity leave. Although setting up her own practice started as a necessity, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

Lisa set up her first business – Raynes Architecture Ltd – in 2010, specialising in home refurbishments and extensions. Through her business, Lisa was able to carve out a meaningful architectural career that also allowed her to balance her family life. Working closely with homeowners and people with smaller projects, she found a stream of business that was able to ride out the downturn comfortable, while giving her the chance to help develop properties that truly contributed to people’s lives.
Recognising that a change was needed in the Architecture industry, for women and working mums in particular, Lisa rebranded her practice to Pride Road – the architectural practice franchise that helps trained architects escape the inflexible and long working hours of traditional architecture practices. Pride Road help others run their own business and achieve a better work-life balance, with the support of Lisa’s experience and brand.Through Pride Road, Lisa wants to give architects the skills, knowledge and resources needed to build their own successful architecture business, while campaigning to make the profession happier, healthier, more diverse and inclusive.
Are you interested in joining the Pride Road team? Start by booking a discover call with Lisa Raynes here https://www.prideroadfranchise.co.uk/discovery-call/