Shuahra Rahman PR Sign Portrait

After working with both smaller and larger architecture firms, Pride Road architect Shuahra Rahman was looking for a better work-life balance in her career. Learn about her story in the testimonial below about how a Pride Road franchise gave her a new opportunity.

What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?

My name is Shuahra Rahman, I’m based in Sutton, South London, where my practice is called Pride Road Sutton & Kingston.

What Were Your Challenges As An Architect Before Pride Road?

I worked for a small practice for several years, working on similar types of projects like residential extensions. I enjoyed it. However, I found there was not much work-life balance – I didn’t have time to do anything other than work in practice.

It was the same story when I worked at a more prominent firm. I felt that flexibility and work-life balance weren’t available, and I couldn’t take control of my day or schedule.

Why Did You Join Pride Road?

Before joining Pride Road, I took some time off work to have a bit of a hiatus and think about what I wanted to do next. When COVID came along, I started to reflect on priorities and what I wanted to achieve from being an architect.

I was looking for more flexible roles to accommodate a better work-life balance, and I came across Pride Road, not knowing that architectural franchises existed at the time. I called Lisa (Pride Road founder) the day after I found out about it online, and the more I learned, the more interested I became.

I liked that it offered a bit of a comfort blanket during COVID, and I was very intrigued by the franchise’s support. Being part of a larger organisation was also very attractive to me.

What’s the Best Thing About Working for Pride Road?

I would say bouncing off each other’s experience. Architects with different levels and expertise own all the franchises. We get together fortnightly to chat about everything architecture-related and what’s going on at Pride Road. All the training is done together, building strong connections and offering fantastic learning potential.

It’s an exciting team to work with and offers all the flexibility and work-life balance I desire in an architecture career. Becoming a franchisee for Pride Road was a great opportunity.