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Pride Road Architects is a group of ambitious female architects who have found a way to balance their architecture careers with their family commitments – thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of mum architect Lisa Raynes RIBA who started the business.  

The brand values are of openness and collaboration, the reality is that to be in business is to be continuously learning.  At Pride Road we find resilience in talking about issues and working through challenges. And we’re happy to do things differently – to be disruptive!

Laura Simpkins, RIBA Chartered Architect and architect for Pride Road Architects New Forest & Bournemouth

Find out some of our top tips for having a successful architecture practice – by maximising your value as a business person.

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Lisa chats to architect Simone De Gale about what it takes to make change happen in architecture.

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You can meet Lisa and the Pride Road Lionesses in person at the RIBA 3-5pm 18 Jan 2022 – full details and to apply for a place

In The Architects’ Den: The Secret To A Work Life Balance

The realisation that we need a better work/life balance has allowed us to be kinder to ourselves and allow the family / work juggle to be a bit more manageable. Join Pride Road in its London home, at the RIBA .

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