Meet our Team

We have an amazing team of experts who support you as a franchisee – from business coaching, technicals, to IT and marketing.

Lisa Raynes
Lisa RaynesArchitect and Franchisor
Pride Road was the brainchild of Lisa, she is your main touch point. As well as running her own territory, Pride Road North Cheshire, she will help you throughout your on boarding, training and franchise term. She’s always at the end of the phone
Magda Haener
Magda HaenerArchitect and Franchisee
Fellow Architect Magda has been involved with Pride Road since the beginning. She runs the Pride Road Manchester South branch. She knows everything there is to know about the process and marketing and is always keen to share ideas.
Laura Simpkins
Laura SimpkinsArchitect and Franchisee
Laura is the newest recruit – she runs the New Forest and Bournemouth branch of Pride Road. She started in January 2020 just before the lockdown and can see how being a part of a franchise has been fundamental to pivoting the business and surviving lockdown.
Kathryn Orange
Kathryn OrangeBusiness Consultant
You will meet Kathryn at the franchise consideration meeting, she will review your business plan. She will review your cash flow forecasts during the training and provide support during your time, to help keep you on track
Alan Varley
Alan VarleyTechnical Associate
Alan delivers sector-specific CPD during training and at franchise development days. He’s always on hand if you’ve got a technical question.
Darren Gibbon
Darren GibbonI.T.
Darren sets up IT systems, software, emails, google drive, web hosting. He’s the guy to speak to if your emails not working.
Rachel Moses
Rachel MosesFranchise Recruitment, PR
Rachel is our Franchise Recruitment Manager. She also looks for PR opportunities for us all as a team. As a member of the Pride Road team, she will be involved in talking to Potential Franchisees.
Adam Pritchard
Adam PritchardWeb and SEO
Adam manages the website. He will guide you on what content to create and make sure that our website is optimised for Google. Adam makes sure that clients find us on Google.
Zuza OBrien
Zuza OBrienOperations Manual
Zuza wrote the operations manual and is involved in updating it. She will give you an overview.
Kris Allen
Kris AllenCRM
Kris manages our customer relationship manager system, we use Zoho to manage clients’ project information and use this database to create Automated campaigns and move clients forward.
Natasha Diskin
Natasha DiskinImage Styling
During the training, Natasha offers an image styling session. You are the brand, what you wear, how you present yourself all reflects on your professionalism and the brand. Natasha will show you how to bring out the best of yourself so you feel confident when talking to clients or networking
Imelda O’Keefe
Imelda O’KeefeBusiness Coach
You will meet Imelda during the onboarding process, during training and you will have telephone support throughout your franchise time. A business coach helps you set your goals, helps on sales and rapport, networking and on an ongoing basis will keep your head clear so you can work effectively