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Lisa Raynes chats to RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidates

All five Presidential Candidates were approached to have an informal chat with Pride Road Founder and CEO Lisa Raynes, four candidates were available to discuss their candidacies in response to Pride Road values: inclusivity, sustainability and innovation.

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In Conversation with the RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidates

Simon Allford – RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidate

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Simon Allford

AHMM, London

Pride Road is “a very smart model because you transfer the need to commit back to the client so you get paid for your consultation where you’re giving them the benefit of your ideas which are valuable”

Simon’s manifesto commitment: A reinvigorated C21st RIBA must address global climate change, health, poverty, education and architecture’s pivotal role in a post-pandemic society.

In this webinar, Lisa and Simon chat about business resilience and workplace flexibility in the post-COVID world. More than ever anyone interested in architecture needs to share ideas for the sector, like franchising, so we can work together on the big issues facing the planet and its people. In short, the approach should be Design, Design, Design.


Sumita Singha – RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidate

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Sumita Singha

Ecologic Architects

“With Pride Road you’ve managed to achieve giving women architects work and sharing workloads as well as having work-life balance.”

Sumita’s election campaign is based on celebrating the potential of architecture to solve problems through innovation, diversity and collaboration

The conversation between Lisa and Sumita revolved around how diversity is such a great seeding ground for innovation.  It’s important to ask why people leave the RIBA and why women leave architecture in order to make #ChangeForArchitects .


Jude Barber – RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidate

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Jude Barber

Collective Architecture

The principles of Pride Road are clear “architects having control over their own work and part of a bigger whole that supports and enables.”

Jude is standing on a climate and collaboration platform, embedding new models for architecture with social urgency that harness our collective voice.

Lisa and Jude discussed alternative business models, and how we can choose to make our businesses values-driven, for example to prioritise work/life balance. In the case of both franchise and employee-owned organisations collaboration and good communication are fundamental.


Valeria Passetti – RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidate

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Valeria Passetti

Conception Architects

“I really have to say that Pride Road is a fantastic project and I’m very proud of you!”

As president, Valeria’s focus will be on putting members at the heart of the institute and restoring the influence, respect and reputation of architects.
Lisa’s conversation with Valeria was about changes in architecture, why we need them and how to make them. The profession has huge potential to improve society, and must start with greater flexibility for students and qualified architects alike. Let’s connect, include, communicate.


Nick Moss – RIBA 2020 Presidential Candidate

Nick Moss is standing on a ticket of procurement reform.  


To find out more about Nick and all the other candidates you can watch the RIBA hustings https://www.architecture.com/about/riba-council/riba-council-elections-2020

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Lisa Raynes

Pride Road Architects Founder and Director Lisa Raynes is a RIBA Chartered Member, and past RIBA Councillor (2015-18).

During her time on the RIBA council, Lisa championed women in architecture, inclusivity in architecture and raised awareness of mental health issues for architects. Pride Road Architects is an innovative, work-life balance friendly, local area business with franchise territories all over the UK. Pride Road Manchester Ltd is a RIBA Chartered Practice.


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