Why Pride Road?

1. Get a better work-life balance

In the RIBA’s Jan 2019 salary guide the average salary for architects up to 5 years post qualification is £33.5k PA.  And it’s likely that this salary is based on 37.5-50 hrs per week

As a Pride Road Franchisee you can expect to earn on average £35k PA (from year 2) working a 30 hour week.

2. Pride Road 1, 2 and 5 year turnover (TO) projection

  • Year one TO £40k
  • Year two TO £70k
  • Year five TO £80k+

3. Make ‘architecture’ mean client-facing design work

You might find that your career hasn’t progressed into client-facing work, and within a company, these roles can be limited.

Pride Road’s innovative business model means that 30% of your time is spent with clients (only 16% of your time is spent on admin, the remainder is spent on sales and marketing and travelling to client meetings).

4. Why a franchise business?

Benefit from full technical, business and mentoring support in a tried and tested format that allows you to focus on client-facing, design work. 155 Pride Road territories are available across the whole of the UK.

Each territory is based on there being 70,000 owner-occupied homes within 20 minutes travel time. We use automation, systems and processes to streamline the time you spend on running your business, all with full team backup when needed eg during holidays or even 30 day sabbaticals.

5. Why private housing?

The private housing sector is valued at 12% of total construction output, is resilient in challenging economic times and payment is upfront for architectural services.

The latest ONS Construction Output (May 2019) evidences that private housing drove month-on-month growth in both new work, and repair and maintenance, despite a large fall in private commercial new work.  The May 2019 private housing repair and maintenance sector is valued at £1.7bn (12% of the total construction value of £13.8bn).

Find out if a Pride Road Franchise is the right opportunity for you. If you are: 
  • a UK registered architect 
  • currently living in the UK 
  • able to finance (from savings or with a loan) startup costs of £18k