Are you an architect looking for your next big opportunity?

During lockdown and now into the new normal, many architects across the country are dealing with financial concerns, uncertainty and ad-hoc workspaces and it is taking its toll.

With the number of architects seeing a decline in their mental health doubling during lockdown, and 56% of architects reporting a reduced income, practices and architects alike are battling with cancelled projects, delays and loss of business. For those architects who have been made redundant, it is a particularly difficult time with practices delaying recruitment – putting significant stress on those looking for new jobs throughout the country – as well as those not on permanent contracts.

What opportunities are there for architects who are looking for jobs?

When you are thinking about working as an architect there are generally two options – either being an employee, or running your own practice. With far and few jobs available, and a hesitation to start a business at this time, many architects will feel unsure of where to go.

There is a third option: an architecture franchise. Owning an architecture franchise with the backing of a strong brand and an effective business model is an option that many are overlooking. With a franchise, you combine all the benefits of running your own business with the added bonus and the safety net of full technical, business, resourcing, and mentoring support.

While many practices struggled during lockdown, Pride Road Architect Franchisees fared well. All franchisees had a continued pipeline of work coming in, and instead of working face-to-face, they’re delivering prospects and workshops online. Lisa, Pride Road Founder, was very pleased with the result of their hard work;

“We had to find a way to survive and lead our franchisees forward. I’m really thankful for the shared support, enthusiasm, and passion from fellow Pride Road Architects Magda and Laura, in helping us to find a workable solution. I’m really pleased that we’ve managed to pivot the business so that we’ve got a product, we can carry on practising, and we’ve done it in such a way that the franchisees can carry on. The great thing about being in a franchise is that we’ve had that joint experience and we’ve been able to share knowledge, feedback and to keep ahead of the curve. The lockdown has proved the viability of the Pride Road model”

Laura, Pride Road’s newest franchisee who launched her business in January 2020 is incredibly glad to be a part of the Pride Road Franchise during this challenging time:

“I couldn’t have got through this alone, I think we have all drawn on each other’s strength and the last month has proven the value and flexibility of the franchise model – thank you Lisa Raynes”

As a Pride Road Franchisee, you start with a comprehensive 10-day training programme which gets you up and running and ready to start your own practice. You get a website (which already has presence and ranks on search engines), business systems, tech support, lead generation, marketing, social media support, a portfolio, peer support, technical architectural support and more.

“Essentially what you’re getting is everything needed to run your own practice. Our franchisees say that being part of Pride Road is like having a ‘power-pack’ on your back!”

Our business model allows you to focus on client-facing, design work in your own defined area – everything else is subcontracted out to trusted and validated suppliers. This means you take back control of your time, growing a successful business that works for you.

But the main benefit of our business model is that it is tried and tested and it works – it’s niche, it’s specialised, and it is robust against the unforeseen such as the pandemic. We know our numbers and so we know our conversion rates, and it’s a simple equation of how much effort you put in vs how much financial reward you’re going to get. We’re really excited to welcome new architects who, when looking at their options, may be wondering where to go from here.

Pride Road is receiving enquiries from homeowners across the country, and with 155 territories available – we’re actively seeking qualified architects who now have the opportunity to take back control of their lives and achieve the career they’ve always dreamed of.

A Pride Road Architecture Franchise is an incredible business opportunity and we’re looking for architects like yourself to take up locations across the UK. Will you be Pride Road’s next franchisee? Book a Discovery Call now and let’s have a quick chat about where you are, and how a franchise might be the right fit for you.

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