What are the building blocks for a healthy work/life balance as an architect?

Tune in to hear Lisa and her guest Sana Tabassum discuss…

The architecture profession has notoriously long hours, so the time actually spent in the office means highly-qualified professionals are working for minimum wage rates. The years of study becoming an architect also have long hours as standard.

So what options are there for architects to put into practice a healthy work/life balance? And how can future architects lay down the foundations so that their careers are constructed in a way that nourishes them?

Host Lisa Raynes founded Pride Road Franchise as a third option for architects seeking to take control of their time and futures – it’s a business model designed with family life and personal development in mind, so healthy work practices are built in. Her guest Sana Tabassum is just starting out in her architecture career, and is very aware of the wellbeing pitfalls of this path.

She’s keen to reach out to her peers across the world and build community. Tune in for their chat about their perspectives at different points in their careers and see if there are any steps you can start to take to make your work practices healthier.

Pride Road Franchise grew out of Founder Lisa Raynes refusal to accept that there was only one way for a woman to have an architecture career and a family life. She built her practice in the domestic sector, and then invested to turn her business into one that other ambitious architects wanting work/life balance can buy into. She had a seat on the RIBA Council (2015-18), was Chair of Women in Property NW and founded Manchester Curious, an urban architecture outreach festival. A franchise can be understood as a business-in-a-box; you are buying the experience, systems and processes of business success and enterprise.

Sana Tabassum is a content creator and Part 1 Architectural assistant based in London. She is the founder of :scale, an architecture blog and platform for students and young designers where they can find content about productivity, university and wellbeing. Sana’s goal is to create an inclusive and collaborative #archicommunity for students across the globe and provide an engaging and educational space for everyone to learn something new and build their skills. Sana graduated from the University of Greenwich in 2019 and has dabbled in other ventures such as her own treat box business, social media marketing for several brands and freelance graphic design.

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