Do you think the work / life balance is improving?

Does being a parent affect your chances of success within a company?

Would you advise females to have a career within the construction industry, given the current flexibility?

Does being a parent benefit you work in any way?

Pride Road Franchise grew out of Founder Lisa Raynes refusal to accept that there was only one way for a woman to have an architecture career and a family life. She built her practice in the domestic sector, and then invested to turn her business into one that other ambitious architects wanting work/life balance can buy into. She had a seat on the RIBA Council (2015-18), was Chair of Women in Property NW and founded Manchester Curious, an urban architecture outreach festival. A franchise can be understood as a business-in-a-box; you are buying the experience, systems and processes of business success and enterprise.

Rosie Nimmo is an Architect at Arkhi in Cheshire, a practice that specialises in large scale residential renovations and new builds. She is an advocate for flexible working hours for parents, and thinks that the industry still has a long way to go in terms of accommodating less traditional working contracts.