This podcast is about drawing. Taking an architectural idea and bringing it to life on paper in order to have an open discussion with clients or to ensure colleagues and contractors have a clear and concise understanding of the project. It’s an essential part of the life of a building. Yet the reality is that there are many ways to communicate visually, from old fashioned pen and paper to digital pen and paper to complex modelling. And there is huge added-value to an architect for being visually literate. Effectively, it’s a tool to develop your ideas and to create content that builds your profile online. Visuals seep into almost every area of the architectural profession.

Tune in to hear host Lisa Raynes and her guest Hamza Shaik chat about their use of visual communication – from Lisa’s use of sharpie markers on tracing paper in the case of Lisa, to Hamza’s use of digital sketching.

Pride Road Franchise grew out of Founder Lisa Raynes refusal to accept that there was only one way for a woman to have an architecture career and a family life. She built her practice in the domestic sector, and then invested to turn her business into one that other ambitious architects wanting work/life balance can buy into. She had a seat on the RIBA Council (2015-18), was Chair of Women in Property NW and founded Manchester Curious, an urban architecture outreach festival. A franchise can be understood as a business-in-a-box; you are buying the experience, systems and processes of business success and enterprise.

Hamza Shaikh is Part 2 Architectural Assistant and Partner at Make Architects, London. He is also the producer & host of the Two Worlds Design podcast series which explores the multidisciplinary potential of Architecture by speaking with extraordinary practitioners. In 2020 he co-founded the MAD Collective which hosted the world’s first global architecture-student convention bringing together content creators and an audience from around the world. He currently runs a fast-growing YouTube Channel providing educational content for architecture students and is set to start his Part 3 studies at the University of Cambridge this year. You can also find his popular architectural drawings on Instagram.

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