Clubhouse is an exclusive, audio only app that centres around ‘rooms,’ in which the people on ‘the stage’ talk about specific topics. It’s a great way to network and to listen to interesting people.

For a start, it’s only available on iPhone and it’s by invitation only…

Don’t let that stop you though- if you’ve got access to your kid’s iPad: download the app, sign in and someone should let you in, (or get contact as I can let you in if I have any invitations left- I currently only have three left!).

Then spend a weekend getting the hang of it- newbies have a party hat for a week, so people should be kind to you!

Don’t be afraid to listen in; you’ll only be able to speak if you’re on stage and have accepted an invitation to speak…. so there’s little chance of accidentally having your mic on…

But be careful when you’re on stage as if your mic is on everyone can hear you!!! So as a rule, if your invited on stage, turn your mic off!

Go and find your tribe!!!

Follow people you are interested in, so you will be notified when they open a room.

Sort your profile out

Choose a picture with a strong background. Mine is a professional photo of me with red hair taken on a red background, so it tends to stand out in a room. However, lots of people are choosing to have coloured backgrounds now so maybe it’s time to think outside the box: consider using an icon or a cartoon but make sure it’s easy to see and describe at a small scale.

Write key information in your profile. Only the top 6 words are easy to see, so make them count. By all means list websites, but links don’t work in the profiles, only the links to Twitter and Instagram are clickable.

Clubhouse is an audio only app

There is no space or opportunity for messaging in the app, so people use the DM function in Instagram. So make sure your Instagram and Twitter are up-to-date, and check them regularly as people may contact you there. There’s only one link allowed in your Instagram profile, so make sure that counts. I’ve set up a linktree so I can list few links in one place.

Like most social media apps, it’s easy to gain followers if you persevere, likewise it’s easy to host a room. It’s more of a challenge to host a club. The app is still in beta testing so it’s a bit convoluted to set up a club…You need to host a room at least three times, and then go through the app to request a club. I did this a week ago, and I’ve not heard anything back yet.

Setting up a room

It’s easy to set up a room but you can sometimes find yourself talking to a void. Invite people off-line to co-host with you and be prepared to talk for an hour, to allow people to find you and join in- the more people you have, the easier it is to generate a conversation. But start the room with a few questions in mind so you can steer the conversation. As a host, also known as a moderator, you can invite people to speak on the stage, get people to spread the word and ping their followers into the room, and also remove them from the stage if you want to!

If you know of a room that’s going to start and you really want to speak, join the room as soon as the room opens and you will be at the top of the list. As soon as the meeting starts, put your hand up to speak so you will be invited onto the stage. That way you could be asking questions of your heroes at the drop of a hat!

Have a play around with the app and then have a strategic think about how to use it to get the most benefit; whether it’s to make connections, become an expert or to find your tribe. Most importantly, have fun with it!