I was close to giving up architecture, and I saw the advert for this conference, I saw it as a sign because I’m a massive comic book fan, and I’ve written up a business plan to leave my job and freelance. So thank you so much!

Rebecca, Manchester, UK

We created Sheroes because women often feel alone and directionless in architecture; unsure how to navigate the male dominated field while juggling heavy caring responsibilities. We successfully united powerful women to inspire each other to survive and thrive in our exciting field.

As I’m originally Brazilian, I was quite happy to listen to Graciela yesterday about international women in architecture. My takeaway would be quite similar to Rebecca; I was nearly giving up on architecture and I think your event really inspired me to find other ways to find other ways to look into the profession so hopefully I can try to revamp my career, still focusing on sustainable architecture.

Caroline, Oxfordshire, UK

I’m also Gen Z, and I’m going to start my master’s in sustainable architecture in September. I was very scared to go back to uni, especially as a young woman, but after getting invited to this I feel very empowered and very prepared to start the new challenge and hopefully succeed with all the wonderful tips that everyone has given me. I’m hopefully a bit more prepared to start challenging global warming and making a difference to this world. As the 1 to 100 podcast said: we are the future and hopefully we’ll make a difference.

Layla, Kettering, UK

I’m just finishing up my maternity leave after my first child, I start on Monday, and I’m just feeling so much more empowered and… I feel like I’ve got a bit more of my mojo back, which I feel like I lost before I became pregnant, but even more so on my maternity leave. I was feeling super apprehensive… so desperate to try to find some positivity… so I signed myself up and it’s been so much more than ever thought it would be. I feel like I’ve found my little tribe.”

Kirsty Sticcio, South Wales

The Sheroes were often excited to hear about and collaborate on their niche interests.

Today has been really insightful- our group chat is literally popping off right now from the talk and from all of you here today, so thanks!

The 1 to 100 Podcast

It’s really interesting to hear that just over in Kettering and down in Oxford that there are female architects that are interested in sustainability, low energy eco stuff as I am myself. I had ground to a halt in architecture for various reasons, but recently I thought that I would dip my toe back into it and I’ve been inspired in the last few weeks by what I found by doing that. So it’s brilliant to actually talk with other women architects as I didn’t know any, but I do now!

Sandy Hickens, Warwick, UK

Blockchain is the future, which is really exciting.

Suista Gurung, London, UK

The mission was to inspire women to inspire more women.

My takeaway is, not that I’m crazy about bras, but to lift up and support other women!

Michelle Grace Hottel, San Diego, California

I think one key takeaway is that there’s power in sisterhood and allyship, and I think this event is an example of that. And also, not excluding the men because we can’t forget about them. So it’s been amazing, and I look forward to seeing more things like this in the future.

The 1 to 100 Podcast