How do you juggle half-term with your life?

Sometimes, I get to the end of the week and think how did I do it!

It’s been a busy half term week. With the kids off school and trying to juggle my architect business as well as growing the franchise business. I split childcare 50/50 with my kids’ Dad so it helps structure the week. Here’s a breakdown of my hectic (but very enjoyable) week:


I do 2 long days on Mondays and Tuesdays – this week I had a full day architectural Concept Design Workshop on Monday at a gorgeous house in Bramhall (there’s a photo of the stained glass below), an eye appointment and a free initial consultation with a client in Hale.


On Tuesday, I had 4 free initial consultations and a follow-up meeting on a project. Admin is done on the hoof – with the important bits done first thing in the morning.


On Wednesday, I went to Sheffield for a Discovery Day (pictures below) and I met a really cool Greek architect thinking of joining Pride Road. And that was the formal end of my working week!

— The formal “end” of my working week —

So back home to spend time with kids and friends….. which is secret code to getting on top of my admin, and thinking about business development.


Thursday, an old friend came to visit, which was wonderful, and later on my son Alex and I recorded his next vlog about his transgender story.


On Friday, I had a very long Skype conversation with my marketing social media guy, and a long chat with my technical associate about how we can improve our service, followed by an eye appointment and an afternoon with the kids.

The Weekend

The kids are now with their Dad so I get some time off. So on Friday evening I headed over to my canal boat and started a journey into Manchester for the weekend.

And I’ve also been swimming 4 times this week.

On review it sounds hectic, but it’s not, it really works, I love my job, I love helping people and I love my kids, but I think what’s key is that I squeeze in time to look after myself. There are always things to feel guilty about, I’ve not seen my grandma, or other friends or spent more time with my kids or time on projects. But I’m pretty pleased with what I have done.


“On review it sounds hectic, but it’s not, it really works, I love my job, I love helping people and I love my kids”