Laura’s first month of running her own practice

Laura’s first month was intense and enjoyable. Tasked with booking in 6 prospects that month, she had booked in 8, so she was incredibly busy. Pride Road ensures there are no shortage of leads as they were provided through many sources such as press releases, a newspaper article, paid Facebook advertisements, google advertisements, Facebook posts found by friends of friends, and recommendations. Laura also spent all of her spare time networking, to further boost her profile.

Laura was very nervous for her first prospect, but she felt very confident in her second, which led to a workshop that she did the next week. The variation in the size of the prospects makes them feel like curveballs so she doesn’t yet feel confident with her fees, but she continues to learn from each prospect for the next one, and a franchise development day with a quantity surveyor helped her to know how to price projects.

Laura uses a large colour coordinated calendar to visually represent and track her projects. She marks prospects in green, work shops in red, follow ups in yellow, pre-starts with a star, networking events in blue, and one to ones in orange. This allows her to see that the one to ones and the networking events lead to prospects which lead to workshops. This also allows her to analyse her work patterns on a day by day to month by month basis, in order to visualise how busy and quite she is, to determine when more marketing is needed, and to predict patterns in the year, such as noticing which times are quiet so she can go on holiday.

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