Hear about Laura’s first three days of training

Meet Laura who has just started her training to become a franchisee and will take over the territories of New Forest and Bournemouth. She’s doing 11 days of training across 4 weeks, which will be based at both hers and Lisa’s.

In her first day of training, Laura undertook some office training using the client relationship management software, Zoho. She watched Lisa conduct a follow-up after a workshop, which involved sending off drawings and invoicing. Laura watched Lisa conduct a half-day workshop, which, although daunting, was very useful as Lisa gave her advice on how to manage the client and take control of the time. Laura then consolidated her knowledge of the office skills through performing the activities that she watched Lisa do that morning. They also talked to David, their social media manager, through Zoom, and Laura was set up with a Pride Road Facebook account.

It is now day three, and Laura has watched more workshops and prospects from Lisa to learn the practical side of being a Pride Road Architect, and it has given her a sense of the overview of how the process works. She also watched a workshop from Magda, who had a different style to Lisa.

Lisa and Laura had a style workshop in which a stylist went through ways they can find their personal style using their workbooks. They had a session of looking at clothes they didn’t know how to style, or didn’t like, and gave each other advice. This has given Laura a lot to take forward for networking events and for first impressions. They went to a client’s large and impressive house for a photoshoot, the photos from which Laura can use for social media posts, flyers and business cards. Laura had received Pride Road leaflets and vouchers, and will receive lots of stationery, including a laser measurer.

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