Laura reviews her training in her last week

Here is the white board of Laura’s training schedule, that shows the 10 days of training over 4 weeks. The tasks at the top of the board had to be completed quickly before the start of training, such as creating a company name, number and address. On the board, brown indicates architectural/ technical work such as workshops, whilst the oranges represent business systems and confidence. The paler oranges include a styling workshop, three business coaches, including a marketing specialist that Laura is seeing as part of her three-month marketing plan, and networking events that involve social media and PR.

Laura did a workshop last week which went well, but she did need Lisa to answer questions and chat to the client, as Laura is finding it difficult to draw, talk, think and answer questions at the same time. Then Laura watched Lisa do 2 more workshops, which was useful for Laura to see after she had already given one, as she was looking out for different things. Although every workshop is different, Laura is noticing and getting used to the way Lisa consistently manages the workshops in terms of how she starts off, what she says to the clients, how she manages the time and brings it to an end. Lisa and Laura are planning regular meetups that are at least every 6 weeks, but they will probably be speaking regularly for the first couple of months. Laura should be ready to go by January 2020.

Laura has been given a highly detailed operations manual that tells her everything she needs to know for the next five years, such as how to conduct herself and how to manage her sub-contractors. She also has a small book that acts as a user-friendly portfolio of things that a client might want to know about during a workshop, such as the types of doors, windows and kitchens. This makes clients intrigued and they always spot something that they may want in their project.

Although Laura has 20 years’ experience, she never thought she would set up her own business. She did work for herself for a couple of years out of necessity, as she had two young children, but this was because her practice was able feed her some work that she could do from home, but this wasn’t like she had set up her own business, and she hated it and felt very isolated. Setting up on her own didn’t appeal to Laura, but she joined Pride Road because she has the support of others; when she went to a networking event she didn’t feel alone as she has a “power pack” of all the knowledge, support and confidence that Pride Road has given her.

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