Our Top Favourite Things About Pride Road

Our February 2020 Franchisee Development Day (FDD) had a bit of a twist – we held it at Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa!

Following an enjoyable time at the spa, we had our meeting where we discussed how things are going, our experiences, progress, and development. One of the things we talked about was our favourite things about being a part of Pride Road, with each of us sharing the things that really make Pride Road wonderful to us.

Below are just some of these things, narrowed down into everyone’s top 5!

Laura Simpkins (Pride Road Franchisee for New Forest & Bournemouth)

  1. “The Spa Day!”
  2. “The Training” – Pride Road offers full initial training and a thorough onboarding process which helps you set up your franchise and kick-start your business
  3. “Learning new things”
  4. “Being an architect again”
  5. “Networking and meeting lots of business people in my area!” – We encourage our franchisees to frequently network, identify opportunities to speak and meet people in their area to build their own reputations.

Lisa Raynes (Pride Road Founder & Architect for North Cheshire)

  1. “I really like working with clients, sitting with them and helping them. Steering them, using all my knowledge to just help people. It’s nice to do. I’m confident to be an expert, a professional.”
  2. “I love the momentum of the group. You know the saying ‘the whole is more than the sum of its parts’. I love being part of this, the camaraderie, feeling part of a team. We’ve got each others backs.” Laura adds; “You don’t have that in practice because of hiearchy. This is equal, no competition with each other. More comfortable in non-competitive environment.”
  3. “I really like the systems we’ve created, we learn from each other, share each other’s processes, we grow and it gets more streamlined. For example, me & Alan sat down yesterday and talked through 35 jobs and I ended up with 2 actions. That’s a result, I must have actioned about 10 things just in the meeting. Really nice to be able to do things efficiently. Its about efficiency. Then spend quality time designing (or going to a spa!)”
  4. “Complete control of the consultation & workshop because of the systems and processes. It doesn’t go off or take all your time, because it can’t, because you have a process which has a start and end.”
  5. “Having flexibility in your practice, being able to fit your work around your family and social life. Not having to work to live.”

Magda Haener (Pride Road Franchisee for South Manchester)

  1. “Becoming self confident through the training and the set up methods that are easy to repeat and remember. It makes it very automatic and professional.”
  2. “Having the freedom to decide when you want to work, or when you don’t want to work! Just being able to block up the time and go to India for two weeks for example!”
  3. “Having advice always at the end of phone, getting in touch with Lisa or Alan to get an answer to something. Even at the consultations, when you come and there is a question, sometimes I just call Alan, and say ‘Alan, there is this situation,’ I just send a quick photo and if he is able to call me back at the moment I put him on speaker and the answer is immediate if he can, or Lisa. So, if someone is able to pickup, if not the answer will come in like an hour and I can give it to the client later. Because you don’t want to tell the clients that you don’t know the answer. This makes you confident in what you are doing.”
  4. ‘The Spa?!”
  5. “The way it evolves, we started with the two of us, it is an interesting process, the way it develops, always different things coming up, more and more interesting, never boring, and its easy!”

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