As part of Pride Road’s commitment to mentorship and CPD, Lisa, the founder of Pride Road, came down to Southampton from Manchester to review Laura’s first year as a franchisee, as she started in January 2020.

To ensure that Laura was using the technology available to her full advantage, Lisa looked through Laura’s office. For their online workshops, franchisees only need laptops, printers and visualisers- no fancy 3D software or powerful computers needed!

Lisa also ensured Laura’s filing system was sufficient to store the information from the 52 workshops she’s completed to date. Laura organised her projects by stage rather than by job number. Lisa, however, stores projects in numbered batches (e.g 0-50, 50-100 etc) with a job list reference, so she’s able to quickly find files two years into the project. The advice that Lisa gave Laura about her filing system is a typical demonstration of the continual mentorship and support that franchisees receive.

Pride Road Architects Team

They talked about how Laura’s business is going, and Lisa expertly answered her questions. As a starting point, Laura looked through the operations manual and the business plan, which was initially mostly guesswork but was a great way to reflect on what she did. Crucially, they looked at her timetable, which Laura found very useful.

This session has been very useful as a bit of a pause and reflection… This is great because you’ve stopped, you’ve thought about it and you’ve got a bit more confidence now to change it so I’m in control of the business, so things will fit around my parameters.

Laura Simpkins, Pride Road

Moving forward, they considered consolidating multiple client meetings to reduce travel and considered whether meetings should remain online when we’re out of lockdown. Laura considered marketing in other areas that might be better for profitability. Lisa noted that Laura needs help with her bookkeeping, and Laura will review the costs with her subcontractor and update her business plan based on what she’s learned.

Through the franchise model, Laura has freedom and control over her business and her time, yet she constantly receives advice and support from Lisa. If that sounds good to you, book a friendly chat today!

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