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We’re offering a whopping £250 to anyone who successfully refers a friend to become a Pride Road Franchisee

The wonderful thing about human networks is that people can be connected in an almost infinite number of ways. However, to simplify it we’ll go with some numbers that the algorithm folks at Facebook have crunched based upon what they’re famous for (data gathering) and in fact we are not connected by six degrees of separation at all but only by 3.57 degrees!

For argument’s sake (and for all of you who love a visual diagram) it probably looks a bit like this:

Yes it’s simple but expand on these networks and you start to get an idea of the scale and potential of not only friendship networks but business networks too.

Helping Us Grow

The team at Pride Road have been chatting about this concept over our morning coffee team meetings and it’s inspired us to launch this Referral Scheme all in the name of growing Pride Road to become the biggest architectural franchise model in the UK!

If you’re a

  • fellow qualified architect,
  • student architect,
  • supplier to the construction industry,
  • property consultant
  • or recruitment consultant…

…we believe

  1. you’ve got a network that looks a little more sophisticated than the above and
  2. you wouldn’t sniff at a spare £250.

All you have to do is spend a couple of minutes thinking about who you know that is an architect or studying architecture. Simply drop us an email with their contact details.

If your Referral becomes a Pride Road franchisee you can expect £250 to be gifted to you within 28 days of their full membership.

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The Best Bit

There’s no limit as to how many referrals you can make!