Laura asks Lisa about her branding, motivation and time management

On day 4 of training, Laura turns the tables on Lisa by asking what the story behind Pride Road is, what motivates Lisa, how she manages her time, and what she is looking for in a franchisee.

What is the story behind the name Pride Road?

Lisa explains that the ethos behind Pride Road is about helping qualified architects who have been disenfranchised throughout their careers through events such as taking on caring responsibilities, i.e. being pregnant and having kids, and therefore falling outside of the industry. As women face this the most, the aim of Pride Road is to empower women by bringing them back unto the industry. Lisa feels the song ‘I Am Woman Here Me Roar,’ by Helen Ready, epitomises this message.  This inspired the working title of ‘Roar,’ which she had when she started the business in 2012, but when she went on a branding exercise she learned it wasn’t an ideal name as she had to spell it out and it had already been used by many companies.

Through working with a branding agency, Lisa came up with Pride Road, because Pride connotes a pride of lions, in which female lions work together and are very fierce, and because clients want to have pride in their homes.

What drives you? Where do you get your energy from?

Lisa has run her own practice for 5 years now, and she continues to do this whilst setting up, managing and marketing Pride Road, so she is essentailly doing two jobs at once, along with raising 3 children.

Lisa’s energy comes out of necessity. She was pushed into creating her own practice because she was made redundant due to a recession. As the breadwinner she had to set up to provide for her family. Moreover, Lisa feels she has a responsibility, which setting up fulfils, to be a role model for her kids and other architects, and to make the industry a better place.

Does becoming a successful franchisee involve being a certain type of person? What are you looking for in a franchisee?

As a minimum they obviously need to be a qualified architect, but Lisa is looking for drive, passion, commitment, positivity, as well as being personable- a ‘people person’ that can establish rapport. While Pride Road offers extensive support and training, they need to be independant, have initative, and to be able to communicate and work with Lisa and the other franchisees.

Do you, and how do you, actually fit your career in with family life?

The business model is structured in such a way that it doesn’t require retaining client information in your head, so it allows Lisa to focus on one task at a time and to prioritise. Reading business books with time management techniques is helpful, as they provide useful advice such as: if you have a long day of tasks ahead of you, prepare for the last thing first as you are most likely to forget to prepare for it. Focusing on one task at a time and priortising tasks allows Lisa to spend time with her family.

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