School Holidays Work for Me and My Kids

For working parents, summertime can be one big juggling act – unless, like a Pride Road Franchisee you’ve got complete control of your calendar.  Magda (qualified architect with 10 years’ experience and mum of 2) explains how:

I’m pleased to say that me and my husband and 2 kids are taking a 4 week holiday together again this summer – and it’s all because my business works around me and my family.  So we’ll be spending time enjoying the outdoors, visiting with their grandparents, while my architectural practice runs in the background.  

As a matter of fact, if you have your own business you never truly switch off, and I’ve found that the Pride Road Franchise model suits me down to the ground because when I’m away someone else covers for me.  It’s a pretty simple idea, yet it has totally transformed my career: with Pride Road I have all the business support that I need, as well as systems and processes in place so always keeping an eye on things is manageable.

You probably know the drill with a 5 yr old and an 8 yr old: school every day of the week finishing around 3pm, wanting to live a green life and being able to cycle to school together, calls for parents to volunteer at school, showcases to come and watch, Teddy Bears Picnics to join, and after-school activities like swimming, karate or sports.  Then there are the times when one or other or both or all of us are ill!

It’s possible to manage all of this, whatever your working life, and parents across the UK do a fantastic job of keeping their families on track.  Having your own business means that you can truly take control of your time while being employed means that you don’t have to do it all. I know the difference because I was a sole-practitioner before becoming a Pride Road Franchisee. And as a sole-practitioner, my time was my own, but to be perfectly honest I struggled with some areas of the business – I quickly learned that I was a much better architect than businesswoman!

Today my situation is completely different, as a franchisee I get the benefits of having my own business with the support and back up that comes with being employed.  Which means that planning for summer holidays is a doddle – at about the beginning of July, I let my clients know that my availability in August is limited and that they should book into my last few appointments.  Typically in July, I see twice as many clients as usual, which means that I have a healthy cash flow for August. And ongoing marketing support from Pride Road – plus a little bit of input from me on social media – means that I come back to a healthy calendar of business in September.

I’d say that I’m to define the new normal: a local, family-centric, sustainable, rewarding business that allows me to have a balanced life that works for me and my family. 

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