As a Women in architecture, have you struggled to juggle your career and family life? Have you faced discrimination or been layed off just for choosing to have a family?

Setting up your own business might just be the flexible solution for you, but it’s not easy; you may feel isolated and be faced with countless decisions that you shouldn’t have to make alone.

To help you, to unite many powerful female architects, I have introduced Sheroes of Architecture, an assembly of female role models ready to share their wisdom to empower other architects.

Despite the 50/50 gender split at university, “Just 34% officially qualified chartered architects are women. And the drop-off continues into senior levels: 22% of senior architects are women, 19% of associates and just 12% partners or shareholder directors.”

In spite of our skills, insights and determination, we face so many barriers to success. I have seen these barriers first hand, as I was made redundant twice while on maternity leave. Out of necessity, I set up on my own, and, over 20 years, I developed a highly successful recession (and COVID) proof business model. I have made it my mission to help other female architects, so I set up a franchise and this conference.

Meet The Sheroes

Danger Lady, aka Lisa Raynes

I am Danger Lady, a name that was given to me by my daughter because of my endless determination and resourcefulness. The Pride Road Franchise grew out of my refusal to accept that there was only one way for a woman to have an architecture career and a family life, and my compassion in presenting other women with a brilliant opportunity.

Fire Cracker, aka Sara Kolata

Fire Cracker, an architect and digital transformation expert, is co-hosting the event. After running her own architecture practice, she learned the ins and outs of the service-based design industry, and decided to never again rest 100% of her income sources on selling services.

Captain Marvel, aka Evelyn Lee

Captain Marvel is the first-ever Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies and the first-ever female Treasurer to serve on AIA National’s Board. Widely published, she wrote a monthly column for Contract Magazine for over 3 years, and is now a frequent contributor to Architect Magazine. She is the only person in the history of the AIA to have received the National Associates Award, the National Young Architect Award, and be elevated as a Fellow in the AIA College of Fellows. Her outside perspective on the world of architecture led to her establishing the Practice of Architecture, and she is the co-host of Practice Disrupted.

Wonder Woman, aka Simon de Gale

Wonder Woman qualified at the Architectural Association and is the driving force behind Simone de Gale Architects (SGA), whose style is grounded in mathematical principles; each project is an exploration of Rhythm, Pattern and Repetition, shaping innovative paths to advance architectural form throughout London and Internationally. Wonder Woman is Winner ‘Architect of the Year’ Women in Construction Awards UK, current RIBA Honorary Treasurer and Board Trustee, CEO and named inventor of BASL next-gen patented materials technology, developed at TRL6 with the UK Ministry of Defence, transforming materials in construction systems.

To change the world, join us on 12-14th May, 4-7pm, and spread the word to inspire other female architects.

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